As you may already know, the Black Mesa Research Facility from the first Half-Life game is situated in New Mexico, as well as the Fallout 3 game in the Washington D.C. If you look at the modification title, you can notice that this project is simply a combination of these two games. And you're not far from the truth...

     Now let me warn you - this is not a Half-Life remake and never will be. This modification is just a fiction based on an idea "What if the Black Mesa Research Facility was situated in Fallout 3 world?" In other words - the main aim of this modification is to (re)create the familiar feel from the original Half-Life gameplay. And of course to give a small tribute/reminder to one of the best games ever made.

     So, if you're a Half-Life fan too, I think you might enjoy this little adventure - I've added there as many Half-Life references and other related stuff as possible. If you're not a fan, but you like exploring new locations, you can actually enjoy the modification as well. Lastly, if you didn't play original game, you have a chance to see how approximately Half-Life looks.

     That should be enough for the beginning. Any other important informations and instructions about the whole project you can find in the Download section. If you got some questions about the mod, you may find some answers in the FAQ section. If not, feel free to send me a message.

Gameplay Trailer